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Situated in Nkobongo next door to KwaChristu Church, the Nkobongo Resource Centre has as its motto: ‘Building a Nation and Impacting Lives.’ It cares for approximately 250 orphans and vulnerable children by providing them with a midday meal after school and a safe place to spend the afternoon, doing homework, assisting with the vegetable garden. etc.  Each child-headed household is visited monthly and the centre also helps the children acquire ID documents and child grants.

There is daycare for children between 2 and 5 years of age in the mornings. The centre offers a reading program for Grade 3s, which is run by one of our members.  She also assisted in setting up their library. A Life Skills program for senior children, as well as Maths lessons and Computer Literacy, are on offer. This Centre is very ably run by Zama, who has been mentored by Peter and Les Hodson.  Zama is now a qualified Social Worker and The Christmas Fair Fund assist with paying her salary, apart from other practical assistance where required.

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