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A committee, appointed by the Friends of St Luke’s, manages this home in Kearsney, near Stanger, on the North Coast. Despite a small state subsidy, the home is largely dependent on donations from the public. St Luke’s has a Development Centre where the patients can do hobbies and create articles that are often sold to the public. At present, there are over 22 patients housed in St Luke’s Home. 


A few of The Christmas Fair Fund members have been actively involved with St Luke’s over many years.  Through their dedication of visiting on a regular basis, The Christmas Fair Fund has been able to help in many ways.  Not only have they received a lump sum on an annual basis to assist with their basic running costs, The Christmas Fair Fund has supplied practical assistance e.g. fitting new fans in the Home over last December, painting and cleaning projects and supplying new pillows and bed linen. We have just delivered new beds for the children and redone the laundry area. The bathrooms are in desperate need of refurbishment - any joint support in this area is much needed.

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