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Simengele Mpunzana started out Siyakhula Creche by looking after a few children at her home. Since then, she has secured a property from the Municipality on which to build and now has 120 children aged from 2-6, and some babies. Women in the community help her at the creche and the Christmas Fair Fund has been assisting for 15 years, which has enabled Mpunzana to build on two classrooms, three toilets and basins, and put in a Jojo tank. The CFF has helped paint and tile the building and burglar-guard the classrooms.


Some funding for the Grade Rs is received which is used to provide two meals a day for the school. Headed by a dedicated teacher who has studied part-time and now holds a teaching qualification, the children leave Grade R well equipped to start school. The Christmas Fair Fund ladies make regular visits to the school and assist where necessary.

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